Hospice….reality hits home

IMG_2118So I’m sitting here writing a paper about death and dying for my “End of Life Issues” class and I reference the 5 stages of dying.  The last stage, acceptance, is defined as: “coming to terms with reality. It is accepting that the world will still go on without you. Death is after all, just a part of LIFE.”

OUCH! I think my dinner just hit the back of my throat.  Will our society ever accept the life, the temporary being, that was meant for us all along?

As  I reread this blog, my thought is that I sound like some kind of preacher or something…the truth is, I’m really ASKING YOU, “how is it that death is supposed to be acceptable?” I see myself being lowered into my tomb…as my Papa, Mimi, and Uncle Randy were lowered in front of me…did they move on…or did they cease to exist? This is the question I will seek to find the comfort in knowing as I peruse through life. My dream is that my family will assist me in this quest. Can you imagine it? This infection of perusal in our life mission by my endearing family that I cherish so much? That is the quest that I intend to lead. Are you with me?

Few will understand, but for those who do, the meaning of life, and our life’s meaning, will surely be self-evident…or so is I hope.


4 thoughts on “Hospice….reality hits home

  1. I am a Nurse who recently retired and have been dealing with D and D on the job site and recently with husbands demented, depressed Aunt who has lost will to live after death of husband lasy year. It is so difficult to comfort those not use tothis happening

    1. I don’t think it matters what the history is, D and D in the U.S. is taboo and we need to change it. Most countries accept death and willfully look forward to moving on to the next life. The problem is, even us health care providers can’t get there. We, a society, need to change. We are mortal humans, known from the start, and cannot accept our fate. Why???

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