The Time is Now

Teasing my senses at Central Park
Teasing my senses at Central Park


I’m sitting in Central Park digesting all I have seen and done on my trip to New York City and Ireland. I have watched many families from around the world share in the history and culture of so many extraordinary places. But one thing I didn’t find, although not too surprised, was that not many were American families. Don’t get me wrong, I saw many Americans but not many groups travelling with their children. This, however, did not surprise me because we have become well known for being too busy to enjoy life. We always say we are going to do this or that, but before we know it we are either stricken with disease or life passes us so quickly that it’s too late to do those things.

The beauty of Central Park
The beauty of Central Park

Besides learning about end of life practices in healthcare, and doing those things I came here to do to sort of “set up” my career after graduate school, I hope that I never forget that there is this world out there that needs to be seen and not forgotten; a history so full of life, just waiting to be rejuvenated. Is the “American Dream” that we are so committed to, with the big house and the expensive cars, so important that we can’t get out of our small little bubbles to show our children where we all originated from? When I am done I hope I fully commit to sharing the world with my husband and children and I encourage you all to do the same. My husband and I said we’d tour Italy for our 5th anniversary…that would have been in 2009. So far we haven’t done anything–but we have to change that.

On a lighter note, staying in the city just reinforced more that I am NOT a city girl, but a country girl at heart. I am tempted at this point to move to the countryside and get those horses I always wanted and not wait. Wait for what…more time? If I keep waiting I will be too old to do the things I want to do someday, or maybe my destiny finds my days much shorter than the average person. The point is, the time is now. Embrace life as if each day is your last. Today especially, as a I remember my friend who was taken early by Cancer shortly after bringing a baby girl into this world, I never want to forget that the day-to-day hassles of life aren’t worth missing out on the important things.

May you rest in peace
To you Larry Cathey…May you rest in peace

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